This will be short, but I’m very concerned for my cat at the moment. I was giving her a bath when she flopped out of my grasp, began shaking, and went rigid with her head under the shallow water. Of course I took her out of the bath immediately, but the poor thing surely breathed in some water and got it into her ears. I am worried because this isn’t the first time she has had one of these fits. It doesn’t have to do with stress or fear (like a bath commonly creates for a cat) because shes done this while grooming or relaxing, with nothing wrong. I think it may be epilepsy and I am planning to take her to the vet in the next few days. This could be really dangerous for her because if I wasn’t in the bath with her she could’ve drowned, and she could get into bad situations like going rigid when a car passes by on the street. Shes an indoor and outdoor cat, but if the vet tells me it is in fact epilepsy I think I might keep her inside from then on.

Wardrobe #1

So, each time I get paid I treat myself to a thing or two.  Sometimes furniture, sometimes a dress, sometimes a bouquet of flowers. This time around I decided to purchase a few clothing items I had been eyeing for a bit. I am very excited to have them arrive in the mail.

The first dress and cloche hat are from ModCloth, a by now, well known store for vintage styled pieces and quirky items. The dress was on sale, cutting the price in half, which is always great. I adore the unique neckline which does give it a bit of interest and a old time feel. Its actually longer than it appears as well, which I prefer.

Now the hat. This hat might be my favorite of this bunch. Its a cloche hat, very Peaky Blinders. I’m not one for hats but I couldn’t resist the style, the split and bow in the back, and the form of this hat offers good shade. Something with function as well as flare is always better. It was sold out when I decided to purchase it but ModCloth, lovely site that it is, gives you a chance to tell them you are interested and if enough people do, an out of stock item comes back ! Apparently I’m not the only one smitten with this accessory because it didn’t take long to be able to click the “add to cart” button again.

The second dress and last item is from a site I just recently discovered. This clothing site goes by the name & Other Stories. The lineup accommodates my personal taste almost perfectly. To get an idea its like a mix of Reformation + Cos. Also, the prices aren’t as high. Given that said, this dress was actually the most expensive at just shy of $100. However, a dress is an investment piece and something as classic as this will be staying with me as long as I fit into it, haha ! I absolutely cant get enough of dresses with bow ties on the straps. Very, Audrey Hepburn circa Sabrina. Again, a longer dress that helps elongate my 5’2 frame. I was actually quite early with this piece, dealing with a “coming soon” wait, but by the time I got mine there were only a few in black and my size so, good thing I kept y eye out I suppose !

Anyway, the anticipation for the arrival of these three is tough but I cant wait to wear these throughout the summer and just add them to my newly refined and growing wardrobe ! Check out the sites i mentioned for yourself. Also, you can expect posts of the like every so often as I love fashion just like the next fellow.

Stores: & Other Stories , ModCloth

Etsy Promo

Late last night, my fiancé’s Etsy shop “went live” as he put it, and I would really like to show you all what is in store ! This morning I sneakily made my first purchase, being his first sale. Of course, he could just give me anything I want for free but the point is to support his shop right? Anyway, he uses a 3d printer to create really unique office supplies and accessories. It will soon be expanding into other areas with all sorts of product, but for now he is starting small. No matter, the small size of his current product should not overlook how hugely awesome they are ! Take a look if you please and visit his Etsy shop at  XrisCdesigns. Dropping a favorite on his store would also be a huge help !

So it begins !

tumblr_o602bqlAM51twowm2o1_1280I am writing this introductory post at 11:18pm from somewhere in Los Angeles. To put a face to this blog I’ve attached a somewhat recent photo of myself. So, hi ! Hello ! This isn’t my first time using WordPress, but I’ve decided to pick up blogging again and start fresh ! I can only hope to connect with a lot of people here and that this humble blog grows into something amazing.