This will be short, but I’m very concerned for my cat at the moment. I was giving her a bath when she flopped out of my grasp, began shaking, and went rigid with her head under the shallow water. Of course I took her out of the bath immediately, but the poor thing surely breathed in some water and got it into her ears. I am worried because this isn’t the first time she has had one of these fits. It doesn’t have to do with stress or fear (like a bath commonly creates for a cat) because shes done this while grooming or relaxing, with nothing wrong. I think it may be epilepsy and I am planning to take her to the vet in the next few days. This could be really dangerous for her because if I wasn’t in the bath with her she could’ve drowned, and she could get into bad situations like going rigid when a car passes by on the street. Shes an indoor and outdoor cat, but if the vet tells me it is in fact epilepsy I think I might keep her inside from then on.


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