About the bloggertumblr_o67qb8Ht7O1twowm2o1_1280 Triana (tree-on-uh) 21 year old born, raised, and living in Los Angeles. Nicaraguan, German, and Scottish. A full time business student and part time baker. Engaged to a fellow named Christian that I have happily been with a 1/4 of my life. A bit estranged, with a mind as fast as the times and an old soul. I have interests all over the board, with passion finding a home in baking + cake decorating, interior design/architecture, film, fashion + design, anime, traveling, plants + gardening, herpetology, the cosmos, videography + photography, and much more. All in all, just another of the many souls adrift the internet with something they want to share with the rest of the world.